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By de la Rue T.

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CS    &+2 &+ ) 2   QXPEHU RI FRXQWV QXPEHU RI FRXQWV        32 & PDVV  PDVV             BS        PDVV  PDVV  & 32         2 &+ &+2 ) QXPEHU RI FRXQWV QXPEHU RI FRXQWV    WKLFNQHVV QP WKLFNQHVV QP    WKLFNQHVV QP           WKLFNQHVV QP   )LJXUH  7KH GHSWK SURILOH FDOFXODWHG IURP WKH 72) 6,06 PHDVXUHPHQWV RI WKH 6(, IRUPHG RQ WKH FURVV VHFWLRQ DQG EDVDO SODQHV RI +23* Reproduced from [74] by permission of the Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems.

CO2 reacts with LixC6 to form Li2CO3 (and probably CO). Because of the high surface area of graphite particles as compared with the lithium-metal − electrode, the role of contaminants, such as HF in LiPF6 and LiBF4-based 97 electrolytes, is much less pronounced. , on the formation of the SEI on carbons, 92, 96, 98 was emphasized. 3-0 V vs Li/Li ). These data support our approach to the selection of SEI precursors possessing high constant 11, 22 rates. The major surface species are inorganic lithium salts (LixAsFy, Li2CO3, Li2SO2O4, Li2SO3, Li2S2O5 and Li2S) and organic lithium alkyl carbonates 100 (ROCO2Li).

In some cases, however, lithium intercalates together with its solvate shell, thus causing exfoliation of the electrode; these, of course, are undesirable processes. Exfoliation may result in complete destruction of the structure of graphite, large SEI on Lithium, Graphite, Disordered Carbons and Tin-Based Alloys 15 irreversible capacity and almost zero reversible capacity in cases where the reduction of the solvated molecules produces gas. In Refs. 11 and 22, it was shown that in order to slow the co-intercalation of the solvated ion, and to enhance the formation of the SEI at the most positive potential (far from the + Li/Li potential), the solvents appropriate for lithium-ion batteries employing a 0 graphite anode must have high solvation energy, high E and high i0 for reduction.

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2-fold and 3-fold mixing why 3-dot-type counterexamples are impossible in one dimension by de la Rue T.

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