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By Christmas Humphreys

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Satori is a degree alongside the way in which, a gateless gate that needs to be entered at the route to enlightenment. With profound notion and consummate compassion, the founding father of the Buddhist Society in London invitations critical scholars of non secular evolution to take advantage of Western suggestions to accomplish satori, the adventure of team spirit and divinity in all features of being. Humphreys refocuses the knowledge of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates the laborious route to enlightenment.

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Until then each one of us must blunder and bump our way in the darkness, climbing three feet, perhaps, only to slip back two . No matter; the Road has two rules only : Begin and Continue, and the Buddha left us a detailed guide-book for the Way. But it must be trodden, every weary step of it. There is no by-pass nor ever will be, and no short cuts whatever. We tread it on our own two feet, alone, yet feeling in the darkness a million more ahead of us, beside us and behind. There is no chance nor luck nor fortune, good or bad, upon the Way; each moment, each event, is the net result of a million causes each of our own fathering.

I do not know, but I hold that it is important to enquire. For I personally believe that the teaching of the Buddhist Scriptures is true, and I have the greater part of mankind on my side. ' So puneth by the Spirit Lightly its garb of ftesh, And passeth to inherit A residence afresh• • • • I regard this as excellent Buddhism. And Matthew Amold explains its purpose : We shall unwillingly retum Back to this meadow of calamity, This uncongenial place, this human life ; And in our individual human state Go through the sad probation all again, To see if we will poise our life at last, To see if we will now at last be true To our own only true deep-buried selves Being one with which we are one with the whole world• .

41 3 Buddhism Teaches Rebirth Fashions change, in doctrine as all else, and Western Buddhism is no exception. Forty years ago Karma and Rebirth were all but sufficient; then the Eightfold Path gained prominence, and Buddhist ethics. After the war the Nidanas were claimed as the cure-all for our ignorance, and then Meditation swept aside all doctrine in favour of just sitting, and hoping for the best. This, of course, is exaggeration but it shows a tendency. There has been a complementary attack on doctrines at the time unpopular, and a few years ago the doctrine of Karma, universal in the Orient, was suddenly scorned on the ground that no one cause could possibly produce a single effect, or progress would be impossible.

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