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By Joseph Sandler

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The authors convey how their ego-psychological item relatives conception integrates force thought and item kinfolk idea and does justice to contemporary findings in regards to the vicissitudes of transference and countertransference interactions within the psycho-analytic scenario.

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Oedipal girl's conscious daydream of living alone with her father and devotedly looking after him, her mother having disappeared from the scene through death or illness. Such a common conscious daydream will often be repressed later, changing its status to being (or entering into the content of) an unconscious wish. 14 In the formation of these phantasies, current preoccupations (which may or may not be reality-based) are involved, conflict enters, childhood impulses and solutions are revived, the defences play a prominent role, current or recent experiences may be used, and secondary thought processes, varying from the most primitive to the relatively sophisticated, are employed.

Anna Freud then goes on to write of objective anxiety-anxiety felt a motive for defence. The ego's defences can be "motivated by dread of the outside w o r l d . She then describes the ego's dread of the strength of the instincts as a source of anxiety, and therefore a motivator of defence, but points out that the source of the anxiety is not what is important; what is important is the anxiety itself, which then prompts defence. In that chapter Anna Freud introduces the idea of defence against affect (as opposed to defence against instinct).

The sources of "feeling loved", and 10 INTERNAL OBJECTS REVISITED of self-esteem, are the real figures in the child's environment; and in these first years identificatory behaviour is directed by the child toward enhancing, via these real figures, his feeling of inner well-being. I went on to suggest that the same feelings can be obtained through compliance with the precepts of the superego introject or by identification with that introject, and I wrote that, in contrast to unpleasant feelings such as guilt and unworthiness, an opposite and equally important affective state is also experienced by the ego, a state which occurs when the ego and superego are functioning together in a smooth and harmonious fashion; that is, when the feeling of being loved is restored by the approval of the superego.

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